Question Tarot Reading

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Let the cards give you guidance and clarity on a question in your life. Using my tarot card reading skills and psychic intuition I will answer your question using at least a 3 card spread.

What To Expect

  • After purchase you'll be directed to a google form where you will fill out
    • your question(s)
    • which deck you'd like me to use for this reading
    • how you'd like to receive your reading
  • Once your reading is complete (normally within 1-3 business days) you will receive
    • a photo of your tarot card spread
    • the interpretation of the cards (300-600 words) per question

About Tarot Readings
Tarot readings are a divination practice that provide wisdom and guidance through tarot cards and tarot card spreads. As an experienced intuitive tarot reader, I will use my skills to give you a intuitive, detailed and accurate tarot reading. Tarot readings are an amazing way to learn more about your life and path. My tarot card readings will give you clarity about your past, your present and the best way forward for your future.

I do not do readings about: legal questions, lottery numbers, pregnancy, and medical issues.

I look forward to reading for you!

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Question Tarot Reading

2 ratings
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